What Does Effective Sales Mindset Look Like?

Posted: September 19, 2018 | By: Craig Eggleton

In sales - mindset is everything. Here's how to instill behaviors and attitudes that create effective sales mindset in your organization.

Great sales coaching is so much more than teaching your reps how to block and tackle. It's all about instilling a healthy and effective mindset throughout your sales team. 

Fact: Mindset is responsible for 80 percent of success in sales.

Think about the daily behaviors your sales team needs to do that impact your long-term success. 

  • Hunting new leads. 
  • Setting up appointments.  
  • Making presentations you need to make in order to close business.

The diligent and consistent execution of these daily behaviors starts in one place:  mindset. 

There’s an acronym I was taught years ago regarding daily behaviors: BAT. 

  • Beliefs
  • Attitudes
  • Techniques

A lot of times in sales, we spend way too much time focusing on techniques, when beliefs and attitudes comprise 90 percent of our success. 

How Beliefs and Attitudes Impact Sales Mindset

Beliefs and attitudes are the most important component of BAT. I’m a firm believer in letting reps develop their own goals versus having those goals pushed down to them by a manager.  This does not mean we allow the reps to sandbag or set goals that fall below our expectations. I'm trying instill a sense of ownership and responsibility. Allow the reps to put together their sales plan and present it to you much like a CEO would present their business plan to the board of directors. Dig deep and challenge his or her assumptions and push back appropriately.  Get to a number we can all agree on. 

Because in the latter scenario, managers can end up pushing down a goal that the reps sees as unachievable. In turn, the rep walks into the office every day believing he or she has an unachievable goal.  All four areas that are critical to sales success (Desire, Commitment, Outlook, and Responsibility) which we refer to as the "Will to Sell" will likely be impacted.

If a rep is not involved in setting the goal, then he or she can fall victim to excuse making and poor outlook with thoughts like, “there’s no way I can achieve my goal.” 

Or, “our product is too expensive.” 

Or, “our competitors offer a better product than ours at better value.” 

If your reps are feeling that, then your prospects will feel that - because they will shine through in your sales conversations.

This underscores the importance of involving reps in goal-setting, so they feel ownership over their goals. As the leader, you should help the rep find an achievable goal, then stretch or challenge them to raise it to a higher, yet still attainable level.

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For managers, it is critical to assess the attitude and beliefs of each sales rep while coaching them. For example, if you meet with a rep after a meeting with high financial implications, and the rep says, “this is a lot of money, I don’t think they are going to go for it.”

At this point, the manager should ask the question: “What do you mean by a lot of money?”

If it’s $30,000 per month, then you should help  the rep understand, yes, $30,000 is a lot of money to you and me, but why is it a lot of money to them? You discuss the prospect’s budget, pain, quantifiable return-on-investment, and cost of inaction.

Those conversations are effective and encompass all 3 aspects of BAT: Beliefs, Attitudes, and Techniques.

This goes to the importance of not letting things slide with reps. You must push back when you hear a negative mindset or defeatist attitude from reps.

You must ask ‘Why?’ questions in order to pinpoint - specifically - what the real issue is. Then you show your reps how to cultivate an effective mindset, one that breeds positivity and prosperity for themselves as well as your team.

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