Creating a Culture of Coaching

Posted: February 25, 2020 | By: Craig Eggleton | From: Sales Bullpen & Integrity Solutions

I may be the only one guilty of this game.  Sometimes, I'll say to myself "If I took what I knew today and went back to the 1950's, then I'd be a billionaire."  That is the stuff of Hollywood movie scripts, not reality, and plus I'd be 70 years-old---or dead! Fact: We have had the answers to employee engagements for over 20 years.

Now these are not numbers I have pulled out of thin air.  Gallup reports them each year and here they are:

Leaders/Managers (We are talking to you) this is the secret sauce. What will you do?  These numbers have not changed much over the years and the answer is, most will not do anything. How do we know this..85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged  If you aspire to be a high performing manager, print this infographic and each day for 5 minutes self-assess the 12 elements of engagement as they pertain to your team.  I have a theory on why these numbers are as bleak as they are.  Most companies continue to take high performing individual contributors and promote them into leadership roles.  Once there, these managers rarely receive coaching and training. Maybe even more concerning is the lack of coaching the C-Suite and Executive teams receive.   Learn more about coaching with a growth mindset.

Free Hiring Tip-Want to engage the best and brightest talent to come work for you?  Next time the candidate asks "What makes your company different?"  Tell them you have a "coaching culture".  If you say it, then you better have that culture in place because a great candidate will ask your current employees about the culture.  If you cannot say you have a coaching culture today, then start.

Edward Deming, who most know for implementing Kaizen (To Make Better) within Toyota each day asked:

What extremely small step can I take to improve the process today 

Continue Your Coaching Journey

Great leaders use coaching to provide honest and constructive feedback that creates a surge of productivity, positive results and newfound confidence in employees that encourages them to look beyond self limiting beliefs. We also call this "breaking the law to break through limits"

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