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Introducing the NTC Sales Accelerator. The program was designed by expert multi-million dollar salespeople who combine their experience with the greatest research project in the history of sales. The results of evaluating over 1,7500,000 salespeople give key insights into what kind of practices actually work in the modern economic climate.

Introducing the NTC Sales Accelerator
A new 1-year training program designed to coach, develop, and maximize the potential of high performing sales representatives. 

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As part of the Nashville Technology Council’s year-long Sales Accelerator program you’ll build foundational skills, techniques and management capabilities to excel in your role. Taught by experienced executives and sales experts, this program is focused on practical management approaches and sales skills that can be immediately applied to improve your team’s performance. From planning and forecasting to negotiating and presenting, you’ll focus on key areas that are scientifically validated to increase sales effectiveness.

The Sales Accelerator program consists of 4 live sessions over 1-year held at the NTC. Each participant will also have 12 months of access to the SalesStar on demand web training platform to reinforce the live programs. The on-demand program is further enhanced with bi-weekly coaching calls with program trainer Craig Eggleton

Who is this program designed for?

All salespeople and sales managers wishing to understand what hard research data reveals and how top performers get results.

How is the program designed?

The program is designed to comply with the 70/20/10 principle of learning researched by Michael M. Lombardo and Robert W. Eichinger at the Center for Creative Leadership. The research shows that 70 percent of learning comes from on the job experience and personal problem solving, 20 percent from managerial coaching, observation and feedback, and only 10 percent from formal training.

All three components are required to achieve the learning transfer and resulting behavioral change. In order to achieve this balance, the program combines:

  • Sales specific diagnostic tools to determine strengths and areas targeted for development. 
  • Management consulting to map out crucial sales management strategy including your sales process, KPIs, forecasting model, ideal target market and Strategic Messaging.
  • Live in-person workshops
  • E-learning. Full on-line sessions supported by video content to keep important reminders in front of the sales team throughout the entire period of engagement.


Participants will finish the program with the tools necessary to:

  • Develop into high performing sales stars
  • Master 80 percent of the equation – their sales mindset
  • Identify and manage psychological barriers to sales effectiveness
  • Develop strong strategic sales capability resulting in the ability to differentiate themselves and your company, work to a reliable process and become more efficient.
  • Build your brand by impacting on their target market as highly professional advisors
  • Sell on value as opposed to price
  • Increase sales
  • Maintain good margins

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