What Does Effective Sales Mindset Look Like?

Posted: February 26, 2019 | By: Craig Eggleton | From: Sales Bullpen & Integrity Solutions

In sales - mindset is everything. Here's how to instill behaviors and attitudes that create effective sales mindset in your organization.

Great sales coaching is so much more than teaching your reps how to block and tackle. It's all about instilling a healthy and effective mindset throughout your sales team. 

Fact: Mindset is responsible for 80 percent of success in sales.

Think about the daily behaviors your sales team needs to do that impact your long-term success. 

  • Hunting new leads. 
  • Setting up appointments.  
  • Making presentations you need to make in order to close business.

The diligent and consistent execution of these daily behaviors starts in one place:  mindset. 

There’s an acronym I was taught years ago regarding daily behaviors: BAT. 

  • Beliefs
  • Attitudes
  • Techniques

A lot of times in sales, we spend way too much time focusing on techniques, when beliefs and attitudes comprise 90 percent of our success.  Learn the 3 Critical Conversations that successful salespeople focus on daily 

Goal Clarity Unlocks Achievement Drive

Results from more than 25,000 individual self-assessment surveys administered by Integrity Solutions, measuring how people perform on a list of 18 key success factors, consistently have goal clarity at the bottom.

We know that when people know what their goals are, and you build the belief that they can achieve them, you trigger a new level of energy and drive to achieve. Teach your sales force principles of goal achievement that work, such as:

  • Define objectives.
  • Plan a strategy.
  • Build belief.
  • Develop strengths.
  • Manage progress.

Create a supportive environment. Most people don’t shift behaviors or improve performance on their own. Encourage people to share their goals with people who they know are supportive. Then, have them find one or two people who are performing at a higher level and ask for their advice.


We all make decisions about all kinds of things every day: What car should I drive? What neighborhood should I live in? How much do I think I can sell? Put together, those decisions become your “Area of the Possible,” what you believe you’re capable of. But that area can be expanded. And once it’s expanded, the floodgates often open up.

Another name for the Area of the Possible is your comfort zone. Many of us automatically resist when we’re asked to step outside our comfort zone. But instead, salespeople can resist their limiting beliefs and learn to break through their plateaus. Here’s how:

  • Identify your limiting beliefs: What do you tell yourself about what’s possible for you? What decisions have you made about yourself that are holding you back? Until you face up to your limiting beliefs, you won’t be able to let go of them and put them behind you.
  • Work on reprogramming your thinking: What new beliefs do you want to embed in your “I am”? Once you begin to think differently about what you can achieve and what you deserve to achieve, you’ll be able to change your self-talk and expand your Area of the Possible.
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable: Cold calling, asking questions you don’t really want to ask, seeing new people, whatever part of the sales process you’re uncomfortable with, you have to get in the habit of doing these things, because that’s what will help you to step outside your comfort zone.

There’s no reason this year can’t be even bigger and better than last year. Set your sights just outside your comfort zone, where those goals and rewards you previously thought weren’t possible for you lie. If others can achieve it, so can you.

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The Players Won't Play if the Coaches Don't Coach

Just as learning to ride a bike, dance or play baseball takes practice, training must be more than just an event. Set up scenarios where concepts are applied in the real world with accountability to share progress.

Get managers coaching instead of primarily managing activities. Develop a mindset of seeing more in people than they see in themselves. Encourage salespeople to develop stretch goals and put in place a process to achieve them.

You will ignite new levels of achievement drive when people clearly understand the purpose of their job and have clear goals they believe in. What’s more, doing so will dramatically increase productive activity and drive better business results.

So, how do you assess your team’s sales mindset and uncover the gaps? There are different “profiles” of misalignment, and they often manifest themselves in specific ways. In our experience, some of the most common areas of misalignment involve salespeople’s beliefs and values being out of sync.

Our white paper Selling in Sync: What to Do When Conflicting Beliefs Create a Sales Roadblock takes an in-depth look at four profiles of salespeople whose beliefs and values are out of alignment. From “Suzie the Servant” and “Johnny Quicksale” to “Gil Gunderson” and “The Tortured Soul,” these are profiles of people you’ll recognize. They’re struggling, but if they could just get out of their own way, each of them has the potential to become a sales superstar.

The paper explores the different profiles, how you can find clues to misalignment in a person’s behavior and activity, and specific steps that will help them move toward alignment. In all cases, they’ll need the support of an effective sales manager who’s committed to coaching not just on skills and numbers but also on developing a sales mindset.

Download the white paper to learn more about the signs of misalignment, what the research says about coaching’s ability to remove these common sales roadblocks and what you can do to build a winning sales mindset across your organization.

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