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Extra Innings

You Can't Teach People How to Sell by Teaching People How to Sell

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I was a rookie Account Executive and the first day on the job I was given the formula for six figure success.  The formula was easy, book 16 initial meetings, convert 50% to a presentation, and close 25% of the presentations.  Do this for 12 months and I'd earn $100K. Alright, game one let's go...but wait

Got Grit?

Gritty salespeople win in the face of adversity and they value persistence over perfectionism.  These are the ones you will go to war with and you are excited to see them every day.  Now layer coachability into the equation.   

I Thought My Cup Was Empty

I am always looking for inspiration in real-life which translates over into sales and leadership.  This morning my wife quickly picked up what she thought was an empty coffee mug.  The coffee mug was quite full of cold coffee, which promptly became cold coffee dumped in a dresser drawer of freshly laundered t-shirts…double whammy!!!

What Does Effective Sales Mindset Look Like?

In sales - mindset is everything. Here's how to instill behaviors and attitudes that create effective sales mindset in your organization.

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