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Extra Innings

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Clear Results

10 Steps to A Successful Recruitment Process

Gut feel is not a recruitment strategy. Yet, many organizations still rely on it to recruit their salespeople.

Sales Bullpen Founder Craig Eggleton's 11 Rules For a Job Search

Being in transition is challenging.  You are not out of work.  You have a full-time job looking for a full-time job.

Navigating Evolving Sales Talent Needs

As organizations begin to rethink their sales force needs in light of the changing economic times, short- and long-term priorities need to be considered as they analyze and optimize their sales force costs. Now more than ever, companies are facing unprecedented challenges to manage b2b sales talent.   

To address these challenges and help clients make informed decisions, Objective Management Group's SmartSizing tool helps organizations going through the recovery and stabilization process in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis by providing quick, pragmatic options for leaders as they contemplate different ways to optimize their sales force and understand the implications of their decisions.

Deals Are Pausing

Blake Johnston (Outbound View) and Craig Eggleton (Sales Bullpen) skip their tee times to share strategies about what to do when deals come to a halt.

Live Webinar: Be a Buffalo not a Cow

Tired of all the countless webinars?  Be a "buffalo" and charge into this one!

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