Establish KPIs and Sales Systems 

Metrics remove judgement, create clarity, and let teams act like teams. We have developed a deep knowledge of the best metrics to use in sales. Pull the right metrics from their silos. Share them across your company in  a way that they generate positive feedback. Welcome a culture of understanding and engagement. And find out just how much an empowered team can do.  

These KPI's and systems form the foundation of our One Page Sales Plan.

Leadership and Management

Sales has a problem—or rather, a shortage. Effective sales leaders are hard to find. Orchestration begins with metrics and ends when everyone knows their part and wants to contribute. It’s modern management, and that’s where the business world is headed. 

Research from over 100,000 sales managers has found that 18 per cent of all sales managers should
not be in the role and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  From a lackluster culture to ineffective salespeople, poor leadership and management is one of the root causes of missed targets and flagging growth. 

However, it’s not all bad news. By focusing on leadership training and developing a culture of coaching you can double your business.


As a sales manager, you want to hire candidates who are better than the people you had before. The best way to ensure you hire the right people is to use a recruitment strategy that employs science and process for maximum effect. 

One key ingredient to your recruiting strategy is a predictable sales assessment. The only two numbers that you need to know about are 75% (percentage of candidates that were hired against our recommendations failed in their first 6 months) and 92% of candidates we recommended that were hired and rose to the top half of their sales forces within 12 months). This award-winning recruitment tool developed by Objective Management Group uses extensive research conducted with over 1,750,000 salespeople in more than 25,000 companies and over 200 industries around the world. Most of all, it’ll help you find the right salesperson who will succeed in the role you are recruiting for. We'll also teach you a sales-specific recruiting process that guarantees results and allows you to save thousands of dollars in agency spend and give you time back in your day by only interviewing recommended candidates.

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