Assess Mindset

Have you ever wondered why your training produces different results amongst your sales team? With the findings from your Sales Analysis in hand you'll finally be able to understand the roadblocks holding your team back. At Sales Bullpen we’ve found that 80 per cent of a salesperson’s success comes down to mindset. It’s why hiring people with the right mindset is so critical to developing a high performance sales team. But what sort of mental attitude should sales managers look for?There’s also the question of the mindsets of your existing sales staff too. Can you improve their selling psychology through training? Answer: yes, you can. It’s also the most effective sales training your team can undertake.

Develop Solid Sales Skills

Sales Skill training is a bit like a sharpening a set of tools: without it, the tools are blunt and they’re more difficult and time consuming to use. However, with the right training, a salesperson can learn to hone their selling tools for better efficiency and cut-through.There’s just one problem. More often than not, sales training doesn’t work. Research shows that 85 to 90 per cent of sales training has no lasting impact. Moreover, less than half of the companies in North America actually have the sales skills they need to grow. 

Coach for Performance

Coaching keeps sales teams optimized for performance. Their minds are set to win, their skills
honed, and they are focused on executing your sales process—not veering off track. Added up, it leads to strong, consistent sales. The kind that a growing business needs in order to scale.
However, to remain successful, sales managers need to spend at least half their time coaching.
There’s just one problem: 97 per cent don’t. To add to the conundrum, only 7 per cent of sales managers have necessary skills to be an effective coach. Chances are, what coaching you’re doing (if any) is probably ineffective. Now for the good news. Implementing a performance coaching program for sales teams can have far-reaching gains for a company.

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