Common Pain and Frustration

Sales managers and sales leaders have one thing in common. They know that their salespeople could and should be doing better. Reports continue to show that only 50-60% of reps are hitting quota and that's nothing to be proud of. So, why does nearly every sales leader struggle with the problem of under performing salespeople? The biggest problem is that there isn't one reason but we know the biggest culprits.

The Culprits of Underperforming Sales Teams

Selection- When you hire the wrong salespeople, it becomes clear early on the fit is not good.

On Boarding- Lack of a comprehensive on boarding program is a recipe for disaster and sets new salespeople up for failure on day one.

Messaging-Whether it is your unique value proposition (UVP), positioning statement, or elevator pitch, each salesperson tends to say something completely different

Sales DNA- If you have to continually coach salespeople on the same issue, it's more than likely a Sales DNA issue, not a skill gap.

Training- Most sales training is ineffective, focusing on tactics and techniques instead of Sales DNA.  There are 21 Sales Core Competencies and characteristics of a successful salesperson.  Sales training must cover all 21 of those competencies and hone in on Mindset training which accounts for 80% of sales success.

Coaching- We refer to this as the big differentiator.  Coaching is the one thing that can make up for mediocrity and we know should make up 50% of any sales leader's role. How do you know if your coaching is effective? Your salespeople should be begging for your time.

Sales Process- When salespeople don't have a proven, predictable sales process to follow they will fail more often than needed. Coaching must take place within the context of the sales process.


Coaching Get Results

Coaching keeps sales teams optimized for performance. Their minds are set to win, their skills honed, and they are focused on executing your sales process—not veering off track. All up, it leads to strong, consistent sales results. The kind that a growing business needs in order to scale. 

Real World Success

Real world experience far outweighs any theoretical knowledge. If you are serious about becoming a sales performance coach, learn from those who have been there and done it. Gain the qualifications for a sales performance coach through our Sales Leadership Management Academy. Learn More


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