Selecting Sales Talent is a Process

Yet, most businesses treat it as an event. Our talent selection process begins by auditing the people, systems, and processes in place today to better understand where your organizational gaps exist.

Seven Deadly Sins

There is a reason on average organizations lose 37% of their salesforce each year (voluntary and involuntary). Let other companies stub their toes when it comes to hiring salespeople and sales leaders.  Here is where we get in trouble:

  • We guesstimate
  • Allow emotion and feeling bias in the process
  • No formalized sales recruiting framework
  • Lack of quality candidates in the Talent pool
  • Lack of experience hiring sales-specific roles
  • Not including "sales-specific" and "predictive" hiring assessments
  • Ineffective process post-hire

Are you curious to see how effective your sales recruiting process is? If so, try our free recruiting grader.

Recruiting Process Grader


What You Will Gain

  • Clear Objectives and Sales Strategy 
  • Identify Your Ideal Target Market
  • Strategic Messaging 
  • Focus on the Right Activities 
  • Increased Sales Quota

If you are lacking an effective Sales Plan today let Sales Bullpen help get you on track for high performance. Access your free sales plan and a complimentary coaching session today. Schedule Today

Insight without action is worthless- Marie Forleo

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